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5. Southwark

New London Underground station on the Jubilee Line but also a well hidden interchange with Waterloo East which takes the line from Charing Cross to London Bridge, a mystery which the Underground map hides completely.

There is rudimentary signing at the station pointing you up Blackfriars Bridge Rd though with a travelcard the bus will save an unpleasant walk, then along the Thames Path.

Preparing you for the Tate, as you come out the Underground, on the building opposite, is an artwork with Tate in big letters, an arrow and a pedestrian sign. This must be a first: an artwork used for streetsigning? I vision of things to come? It points you along Union St.. The Bankside Partnership has gthe vision that Union St should be turned into a major pedestrian route for touring the area; most commendable, But at the moment there is too much traffic for pleasant walking. A bright red sign points you left. Some amazing Victorian architecture.

6. Elephant and Castle

There is a new development plan for this pedestrian nightmare that might be better. It is a major bus and rail interchange from the South. Anything pleasant in the class of walking I have yet to find. The signers received an award for their work, but they are fighting the hopeless until reality is organised.

This interchange is elaborated under Interchange Engineering.

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