title: good garden guide

If we are going to win arguments about leaving the motor car behind, then those who visit gardens ought to be a target. They might be more concerned about the environment, they will get more of the genius of the place if they walk to it. If we can connect walks that involve public transport, gardens, and other places of interest in the area then a good bottle of wine becomes the reward.

This section was particularly challenged by the Good Garden Guide endlessly insisting that because public transport is so bad, there is no point in giving any information about it: Peter King, put this into your exhaust pype.

The National Trust has a policy of supporting public transport access so to help them along we make a special effort to link their properties into walks and post them to nationaltrust@listbot.com from where they can be recovered by pointing a browser at nationaltrust.listbot.com

English Heritage gives good public transport information, unlike the Woodland Trust which resolutely refuses to give any at all. So the latter have their own list too, Woodlandtrust@listbot.com.

These are all published (without the illustrations) on greenandsmart@listbot.com (except where they are very specific to the lists above), in order to show the simplicity of listservers for making information available.

Some are shown on the original green and smart web site http://infosys.king.ac.uk/ISSchool/Research/greenandsmart/pages/index.html to scale up to the next level of technology.

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