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2. Bus stop

image: Waterside bus stopAnother view, with the bus stop and a bus included. Part of the plan has been the funding of free transport between Hatton Cross, Heathrow Central, Terminal 4 and here. The H20 does this in one direction only so you have to get it right. The BA1 is available only to staff and visitors. A stop just outside connects the 555,6,7 for which I'll be doing more under Heathrow itself. I'll also describe more the travel plans for Heathrow as an outerchange.

The entrance to the internal part of the walk and parkland here is open and the walk runs along the river which gives the Waterside. However the entrance to the park isn't obvious from either bus stop and from the public one you need to do some considerable road walking to get to an entrance. The leaflet makes none of this clear and nowhere is there a reason.

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