title: good garden guide

#four : worked case studies

Kingston University

This one will be of almost no interest as there is almost nothing to say. The University is on a number of sites, Surbiton is a major rail interchange. A bus system was put in place and has now been to all intents and purposes been rendered useless and unusable.

Every little detail which could be improved is present. The detail will bore to tears

Kingston Borough

This too will be most uninteresting. Kingston has been turned into a negative cyclotron, a huge motorway junction in which vehicles sit in a circle. The number of properties which were destroyed to build this and tat cost would be entertaining to add up.

Buses stop all over the place. The DeCaux maps, very large and grand, show none of the public transport routes or green routes.

It is the interchange to two national routes, the Thames Path and the Thames Downs Link to the North Downs (which in turn serves as the LOOP and the Hogsmill Walk). These are kept as much a secret as they possibly can be. No one lets on.

It is the site of Hampton Court. There are large brown signs for motorists for miles around. There is no leaflet showing how to walk to it. It is the transport interchange for some of the most valuable tourist foci on the planet (wax lyrical), there is no public transport information. For example the 415 bus links Hampton Court, Claremont, Esher's commons, Painshill, Wisley, Clandon, Sutton, the 65 does Kew, work it all out for yourself.

London Transport

I suppose one has to keep the full richness of one's spleen for this outfit. these are the people who put green barriers in buses to make them as difficult to board as possible. These are the people who boast of the numbers of passengers they prosecute so the victims of public transport will flee to motorcars as soon as they can afford to. They are the people who show railways as a little logo with nothing about beck richness. they are the people who don't even put in buses a list of where it will stop never mind where you can interchange, who took away conductors so there is no one you can ask (the driver is behind a glass cage) (and doesn't even know the names of the stops).

South West Trains

But spleen left over from London Transport must be devoted to Stagecoach, owners of a large bus network as well as South West Trains.

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