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For industrial green and smart we want to show good things that have been done by companies; there is no point in showing the bad: it is almost universal.

The Mayor's strategy for transport in London, the White paper on integrated transport, LA21, Local transport plans, and so on all point to green travel plans, and there has already been research on them funded by DETR. But is anything happening?

British Airways building near Heathrow is lovely. They (It) have contributed to turning Harmondsworth Moor into a landscaped park of now. I want simply to show a little of what has been done, with the occasional comment and hope to find some more.

image: Waterside British Airways building

Here is the building across the lake with a duck. It just makes a good picture and the whole building can be walked around. The inside may be seen from the door, but to look at the inside you have to have some reason, to be visiting someone. But the internal design is modern in the approach to office organisation. I've been visiting industrial placement students for about five years and people seem generally complimentary about the environment.

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